Graddit aggregator widget

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Posts aggregator allows you to display links to similar posts, new posts or random posts from multiple blogs. With or without thumbnails at your choice. There's paid and free versions.

Common limitations for both versions:
  • Currently supported platforms: Blogger;
  • Aggregator of similar posts is labels (tags) based, so you should have tags set for your posts;

Free version rules and limitations:
  • First 1000 displays are trial and work just like paid;
  • After trial max number of blogs that can be aggregated reduces to 2;
  • After trial max daily number of displays could not exceed 500, after that widget will appear blank;
  • Sponsored links appearance possible;

Paid version rules and limitations:
To subscribe to paid version please provide us with:
address of a site where you want to install aggregator widget:

number of linked sites:

Amount you'll need to pay monthly: $1.

What can be configured:
  • What to show: similar posts or random posts;
  • List of sites to aggregate from;
  • List of labels for similar posts to search for on those sites;
  • Max number of links to display on your widget;
  • Layout style;
  • Display with or without thumbnails; default thumbnail;